The group of companies “ROSTEK-Kuban”

The group of companies “ROSTEK-Kuban”

The group of companies “ROSTEK-Kuban” is the largest customs representative in the South Federal District Region.

The main field of business activity of the enterprise is providing of professional service in declaring of cargos, means of transport, and a services of temporary storage (WTS), assistance in growth and development of foreign  economic activities.

There are two enterprises in theorganizational structure of the company:

Closed Joint- Stock Company (CJSC)“ROSTEK-Kuban”and  Limited Liability Company (LLC)“ROSTEK-Kuban” which offer different kinds of services in the customs area terminal.  According to their specialization they conduct operations in the following spheres of business activities:

Closed Joint- Stock Company (CJSC)“ROSTEK-Kuban” :

- Services of a warehouse of temporary storage

- Legal services in the customs  and  civil right areas

- Certification of goods

Limited Liability Company  (LLC) “ROSTEK-Kuban”:

- Customs formal declaring of goods;

- Consulting  in the sphere of foreign economic activities;

The group of companies “ROSTEK-Kuban” build up its business relations on the principles of a constructive dialogue and a mutual understanding.

We hope that in the person of our companyyou will acquire a reliable partner!